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This assignment is intended to be a business application of the activities undertaken in class on Spreadsheets and Databases. The assignment is based on an organization focusing on the retail of second-hand cars. The manager of this organization has hired you as a consultant to help him decide whether to store his business data in a Spreadsheet or in a Database: data for this business would include data regarding the customers, the suppliers and the products (i.e. the cars for sale). The purpose of the assignment is to produce a management report which by comparing and contrasting the business uses of Spreadsheets and Databases determines a final recommendation for the manager and provides an outline design of the proposed solution.


Your final report should be in the format of a management report. Detailed guidelines on how to write a management report for this assignment are provided in the Appendix.

Part 1 – Assessment of Spreadsheet and Database Alternatives (40 marks)

Advise the manager of the organization, providing arguments in favour and against, on the use of the Spreadsheet and Database alternatives for his intended purpose.

Part 2 – Recommendation to the Manager (10 marks)

Building from the assessment carried out in Part 1 of the report, recommend one of the two options (i.e. either a Spreadsheet or a Database solution)

Part 3 – Outline Design (40 marks)

Illustrate a possible design for the selected option

Presentation: structure of the report and quality of the writing (10 marks).

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