Write a one-page paper on professional management research article of your choice. Ensure you use a professional journal article, not a popular piece. The NU library has many journals you can use to find a good article. There are four required named sections of a point paper: 1. APA Reference: Write the APA formatted reference for the article. 2. Description: Brief summary of key points of the article you read (one-to-two paragraphs). 3. Usefulness: How and when could the concepts in the article be applied in a business environment (one paragraph). 4. Personal Assessment: What is your personal opinion of the findings of the article? Why? (one paragraph) Do not exceed one page. One inch margins on all sides. SINGLE-SPACED PARAGRAPHS with a single blank line between paragraphs. 11 or 12 pitch font. Do not put your name or identifying information on the page. This is NOT a general research paper- follow the format. YOUR PAPER MUST BE TURNED IN DIGITALLY TO THE COMPANION SITE BY THE DEADLINE: HARD COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Rubric for White Paper ? 8 points: clear paper with good strategic thinking in evidence. Directions were followed and there were no language errors. ? 7 points: reasonable paper with some strategic thinking shown. Directions were mostly followed and fewer than two language errors. ? 5 points: minimal analysis and/or failure to follow directions or more than two language errors. ? 0 points: no submission by deadline or confused analysis/failure to follow directions, multiple spelling or grammar errors.