( information management systems) ‘Outsourcing can appear too good to be true, and some of the benefits of outsourcing can be outweighed by its long-term costs. Conduct some research on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Using what you learned from your research, discuss an example of how the benefits of outsourcing are outweighed by its long-term costs.”
Part II: 137 word response (Business Law) The concept respondeat superior says that if an employee causes injury or damages while acting in the line and scope of their employment, their employer is also liable for the injuries or damages (along with the employee who caused the injuries or damages.
Is that fair to the employer? What is the justification for making the employer liable in that situation Is there anything that the employer can do to protect itself from liability under this concept?”
Part 3: Each response needs to be 275 words each (2 questions) information management systems
1. Describe the major functions of the IS department. 2. Describe any four rights of users of information systems.