case describes the Project management process in Autodesk. Read the case from the point of view of a Project Manager (PM). It describes a number of issues faced by a PM and covers several topics. Specifically, look for the following information and answer the questions. All answers can be found in the case.

1. What is IPD? How is it different from traditional project management?
2. Who assumes all the project risk here?
3. The project team had to focus on multiple objectives rather than one single one. Name these four objectives.
4. What is the BIM tool? What is its main characteristic? What is BIM-assisted IPD? Can you name three advantages of using the BIM tool?
5. What are the differences between DBB and DB project delivery methods?
6. Autodesk developed an innovative system to prevent the project from going over-budget. This is a 4-part compensation system. Very briefly describe this system.
7. They devised a unique project management system using three layers. Describe these three layers and their respective responsibilities.
8. A new element, namely the Atrium design, was introduced quite late into the project. This is a substantial change in the project scope.
a. What are the disruptive effects of this?
b. Name the three design options proposed by the project team.
c. Recommend one of those. Justify your choice.