Management Accounting – Cloud computing

Order Description

According to a report issued by CIMA in 2015, cloud computing (computer resources that are available on demand, anytime, anywhere, at a relative low cost) can benefit businesses by saving costs and
by simplifying system administration. However, only 34% of the businesses in their study made use of cloud technology for their management accounting processes. Critically discuss whether cloud
computing can enhance the quality of reporting for management accounting purposes. You clearly need to address and discuss the benefits versus costs and risks related to cloud computing. Your
discussion have to include a recommendation as to the best course of action with regards to the use of cloud computing.
Target Audience: The partners of a large auditing and accounting firm who need to advise their clients on the best course of action.
The requirement is to write a report that just include the following:
• The issue.
• The finding
• Recommendations.