management and leadership

management and leadership

1.    How do management and leadership differ?

2.    Describe 2 conflict management styles and a situation in which each management style is best suited.

3.    In the book Hospitality from the Heart; how did the main character, Jim, come up with HEART and how does he plan to use this discovery?
4.    How does quality play a role in organizations in the hospitality industry?

5.    Why do many organizations strive to have a diverse workforce?

6.    What are the characteristics of good goals?  Why is goal setting important in the hospitality industry?

7.    What is delegation, what are some advantages and disadvantages of delegating responsibilities?

8.    What would you use to help write an advertisement for a job? What would you include in the advertisement?

9.    How does knowing each employees personality help you to be a better manager? How could you learn your employees’ personalities?

10.    What is teambuilding?  Describe a sample team building activity.

11.    Why and how often should a job analysis be done?

12.    List and explain 3 characteristics of effective feedback?

13.    What are the differences between technical, human and conceptual skills?  At what management lefel is each skill set used most?

14.    Why does quality service need to start at the “top” of an organization?

15.    What are the various types of power an individual can utilize? Choose one type of power and give an example of a situation where that type power could be used.

16.    How might a manager improve the communication within his/her work team?  How is the meaning of a message transmitted from one individual to another?
Use the following case scenario to answer the next 3 questions:
Shakia, the executive housekeeper, was rather happy today.  Finally, she was able to fill all the open positions.  Las week she hired Patu, a male employee, for the houseman position.  Patu originally was also interested in an open banquet position, but he agreed with Thomas, the banquet manager that housekeeping was the priority.  Patu has recently emigrated from an African country and seemed to be very happy in his new job.  This afternoon Shakia received an e-mail from the Human Resource director notifying her that Patu is complaining the he is not comfortable being a subordinate to a female boss.

18.    How would you address the situation with Patu?

19.    What, if any, reasonable accommodation could be made that would enable Patu to successfully perform his job?

Case Study
Using the DIIE Process analyze the following case study.

The hotel where you work is near a major airport in the United States. Being close to the airport brings in many international guests visiting the area or in transit to another destination in the United States.
Your senior hotel management has noticed a dip in bookings over the last year, while other hotels in the area reported an increase. He has asked you to review the current amenities listing and come up with three to five suggestions on how the hotel could change its amenities to attract more international guests and make them feel more welcome. The list of current amenities follows:

•    Free continental breakfast
•    Pool
•    Mini bar in rooms
•    Ironing board in room
•    Business center near lobby
•    Happy Hour on Friday nights
•    Iron available at the front desk
•    Free local paper in lobby
•    Live music on Saturday nights
•    Wake up call service
•    Satellite TV in rooms
•    Valet parking
•    Dry cleaning service
•    Fine American food served in restaurant
•    Close proximity to laundry facilities

You may need to use outside sources to determine your recommendations for amenity modifications.  Also be sure to include how you believe these new amenities will benefit the hotel, and how they may attract more international guests, who may be affected by this implementation and if you anticipate additional costs.