management and organisation


The following guidelines should assist you as you plan and undertake your assignment: You are asked to carefully study the case as presented, and to research and read as much as you can from literature sources that relate to the various concepts evident in the case. Literature sources can include textbooks, academic papers and business journal papers. You should use these reference sources to support the discussion you present in your assignment paper, as you respond to the four questions asked. Word count: 1600 words, plus or minus 10% Assignment weighting: 35% References: 6 references minimum to be eligible to pass this assignment, 10 references maximum. Use Harvard Referencing Guide UniSA protocol. Roadmap to Referencing may also be of use. Assignment structure: Structure your assignment in the following manner: Discussion -respond to each of the four questions in sequence. There is no need to type out each question, just sub-head ‘Question 1’ etc. Approximately 400 words per question. Note: Each question will not take the same amount of words to adequately discuss that question, this is a guide for planning purposes only. Conclusion-this is a small general conclusion for the whole assignment. Approximately 100 words. Assignment format and presentation: ? Write your responses to the questions in essay style, not dot points ? Calibri 12 point ? 1.5 line spacing ? Use margins so that markers can write comments in your assignment.
Ensure you read the Indigo case and answer all four questions You are required to use 6 quality references. To assist you I have placed on the Course site 6 references with full reference details as you will need to write them out on reference list. In most of the readings I have also highlighted key points and stated questions the key points will relate to Aim for a fairly even spread of words in each question to meet the word count, and also reference list at end is not part of word count Aim for 2 references minimum each question Also read Harvard referencing guide carefully and ensure you follow in text references and reference list using Harvard style all the best with it.