Management In Practice

The term ‘logistics’ has its roots in military science dealing with the procurement, maintenance and strategic movement of personnel and military assets as part of a campaign. Logistics management and solutions are a vital part of any business ensuring that the ‘supply chain’ is working to its optimum to satisfy product flow and satisfy customer needs. Business typically chooses to either operate its own ‘logistics’ or avail itself of an outside logistics provider with some others engaging a variant of both. Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions is an external provider of logistic solutions seeks to be the preferred logistics partner for businesses all over the world by providing that ‘personal touch. Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions operates in six areas retail logistics, freight solutions, Industry sector solutions, warehousing distribution solutions, moving solutions and E-Commerce.

Organisations in the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Academics and theorists talk about the impact of the fourth Industrial Revolution on contemporary organisations and today most organisations grapple with its implications. While previous Industrial revolutions relieved man’s dependency on animal power morphing from horseback to horse power, create mass production capabilities and markets and ushered in the digital world the fourth
Industrial Revolution is dramatically different in its depth and breadth. New technologies through integrated fusion present challenges and opportunities for all companies.

Exponential Growth and Organisational Impacts.

Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions is both a product of and a driver for the fourth Industrial Revolution. In just under ten years ago Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions has grown from two vans and four workers to a company that was heralded in the 2017 National Day Rally speech of the Prime Minister as a success story of the new economy. While growth ensures a return it does come
at a price particularly in these millennial days of the fourth Industrial Revolution.
Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions grew on the crest of the wave of E-Commerce and today enjoys a collaborative and productive relationship with some of the world’s most recognisable brands. But as the organisation grows, so does its internal reliance on people and people development that operate in tandem with each other. The work of Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions in the procurement, development and deployment of people is as critical as the logistical
solutions it provides externally. With growth there are the impacts upon the organisation as it edges towards it second decade. While striving to be ‘ahead of the game’ in E-Commerce, where is the industry heading and what opportunities on the horizon eg, Blockchain?

Managing a Growth Strategy

Growth in the new economy calls for high level systemic, cultural and strategic thinking. As an organisation grows its heritage that encompasses its core values can become more distant and diluted. This is not the intention of Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions. Many vibrant organisations thriving in this Fourth Industrial Revolution do so by rethinking what ‘the real business
Is ’? While logistics solutions are the core business the lifeblood is people and making sure that all aspects of the business work in tandem – ‘Love what you do’. Managing a growth strategy for Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solutions is the management challenge.

Examine the data provided by the partner organisation and undertake your own research to find more relevant data. Have you got all the data you need? What other data would be helpful? Analyse the data you have collected using appropriate management tools and theories External organisational analysis Internal organisational analysis Explain how the nature of the challenge is a result of the combination of external and internal factors that you have discovered through your research and subsequently re-define the management challenge as a problem that can be solved through the combination of management theory and practice.