Management Interview

interview at least one [successful] manager, executive or entrepreneur and write a 5-7 page single-spaced paper. This is a great networking opportunity for you of which I hope you will take full advantage. You will need to provide a short biography of the person your interview, develop a set of semi-structured interview questions, and then link their responses to topics and theories learned throughout the semester. While you may team up in pairs to conduct the interview(s), the papers much be written and submitted individually. You are encouraged to interview more than one person to compare approaches and experiences. (Template provided on page 2 of assignment: Management Interview.docxPreview the document)

When preparing your semi-structured questions, you should focus on questions that specifically touch on issues such as:

how they overcame the challenges before them to become successful
differences in what they expected success to be like versus what it really looks like
the most important thing you learned during the interview
an indispensable skill you need to develop to become a good manager/leader