Managing Change

 Using your knowledge of Change Management theory and concept:
I. Analyse the Case to decide what went wrong for Sony.
II. Describe the type of change Sony was experiencing – validate clearly.
III. Identify the drivers for change and provide argument for the use of three perspectives which could have been used by management to effectively analyse and then tackle Sony’s problems.
IV. Describe and substantiate which strategic approach you would recommend as best for the situation.
3: PART B: Leadership (One for each student) (1500 words – 30%)
The role of leadership and good management is crucial for any business. For this section:
• One student to complete a discussion on a transformational leader’s approach; and
• One student to complete a discussion on a transactional leader’s approach.
Task: Identify the type of change that was occurring in the Case Study business and present an analysis of how the different types of leaders could have responded in order to manage the Case Study situation. Link leadership and management theories to justify your suggestions. Apply change management theory / principles to further support your argument.