Managing People and Career Development in Human Services




Read the case study attached. Imagine this person has applied for a position within your organization for which you will construct a job description and job specification.
Attach the job description and person specification you create, as an appendix. (Appendix 1)
Write a report that meets the following criteria – Main Body of assignment:
Explain the recruitment process from employer’s job analysis to G’s successful induction into the new team.
Identify G’s suitability for the post for which she has applied, i.e. identify strengths and potential weaknesses.
Identify areas where she may need potential development and the process you would administer in order to arrange suitable developmental strategies through appraisals and training.
Reflect on theories of individual relationships, motivation, behaviour, management, leadership, group processes and managing performance.
This piece of work should be written in the third person.
Follow the guidance on Study Hub for the layout of non-scientific academic reports. This will include a Title page, Summary / Executive summary, Contents page, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, Recommendations, Reference List and Appendices
Case Study
G is a 20-year-old woman who is applying for a position within your organization.
She has, to date, had some work experience working within Key Stage One/Two in a small local school. Her main duties were to assist with creative activities already planned for the children; encourage children’s good health and hygiene habits at mealtimes and encourage positive social behaviour and interaction between children. In her current job position she does not have responsibility of communicating regularly with parents, dealing with finances or planning activities. She feels ready to take on more responsibility within a related but not necessarily similar environment. She has had some experience of looking after College students in the workplace.
As far as qualifications are concerned she has completed a Level 2 in Health and Social Care and NVQ Childcare Level 3. She has begun her Level 3 Assessor Award but not yet completed it

She is a bright and enthusiastic individual who is looking to progress in the field of Childcare or education. She would welcome the opportunity to take further qualification. Her current manager might describe her as an exuberant character that can run out of energy at times, which results in moodiness. This can sometimes affect the dynamics of the work team. However, she displays innovative qualities, regularly has good ideas and generally communicates well at a variety of levels. Her attendance is good although her punctuality can be erratic on occasions.