Managing the Professionals Social Work Task.

The item of assessment directly aligned to and linked with your module learning outcomes which are as follows:
Module Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the module, with guidance students will be able to:
Subject-Specific Knowledge, Understanding & Application
a. Select and explain key concepts which are complex, coherent and detailed and informed by academic learning and professional Social Work practice
b. Identify and respond to inter-relationships between topics and explain/interpret them in relation to complex contexts particularly in relation to professional identity, multi-agency work and effective practice
c. Apply aspects of Social Work practice to different contexts with due regard to the HCPC Standars of Proficiency and BASW Professional Capability Framework
Employability & Changemaker Skills
d. Adopt an evidence based approach to self-development and explore multiple education and professional development opportunities that value self and others
e. Identify and solve complex/concrete and abstract problems and devise a range of creative solutions that justify a chosen course of action drawing from relevant professional standards and good practice

This item of assessment has four components. The total word count is 3000 words

  1. Based on your placement: Explain a piece of work /or intervention that you completed (in brief) and detail a cycle of reflection that used after or during the event.
  2. Critically analyse the relevance of Reflective Practice and Professional Supervision to Social Work Practice.
  3. Resilience is central to Social Work: It is the ability to successfully cope with adversity and stress. Thinking back to your placement experience offer an analysis of why resilience was important.
  4. You are now completing the final stage of your studies. Use this final word count to reflect on your academic journey. In depth I would like you to explain how you have changed as a person and then what changes might you expect to see in yourself in the next year. In particular I would like to know how this degree has shaped your professional identity and how it has prepared you for working towards the Knowledge and Skills Statements.