Mapping Assets project

Order Description
1. See figure 1 First map will be the green border lines see pic examples of the community we are advocating for
2. Second map shows the same community but with icons depicting the internal and external assets. Note that they have included a legend identifying what the types of assets the different icons represent. Your community map should look like this map. It should have a title, boundary lines, icons and a legend see figure 2
?3. This Figure 2 shows the areas that are void of needed assets. The yellow and blue circles show areas completely internal to the community; the red circles include both internal and external areas. Once you have completed filling in the assets in your community, both internal and directly external to it, you will analyze your map, looking for areas where key assets of a healthy community (hospitals, schools, parks, libraries, etc.) are void or difficult to access. You will need to circle them, as you see done on the map above.
?NOTES: Please not the 3 maps above can’t exceed more than 5 blocks from the green area…we will have to make another map for locations faster than 5 blocks and included everything above in the map.
Example: I have provided an example of a past student map it may help…