Market attractiveness report

Market attractiveness report

Task 1: Individual written report: Market attractiveness report – 30%

Use a report format which includes an executive summary, recommendations, appendices and correct referencing etc.
When considering which country to launch into, companies assess the country factors very carefully to determine whether conditions are suitable for that product or service.
This report covers the analysis process that companies go through in determining a product/service for consideration and how market attractiveness was established.
It is essentially a justification of the ‘fit’ between product/service and potential International markets.

It will outline the characteristics of the market and why these are likely to provide demand for your offering. What size is the potential market, and how can it be accessed? You need to clearly articulate which entry strategy (eg joint venture) you would recommend and why.

Identify a product or service with which you are interested in or familiar – it can be an existing product or a ‘new to the world’ idea.
What is the product or service you have chosen and why?
On what basis would you segment the market?
Who are the key target markets for this product/service? Why?
What are the key economic, cultural, geographic, demographic, political and legal issues that would make a market attractive for this product? Why are these issues? Which factors are the most important?
Thoroughly assess three overseas countries as a potential destination for your chosen product.
Which one of these countries would you recommend as your ‘first choice’ International market? Justify your choice – what are the factors that would lead to success for your product/service?
What are three challenges you think you would face introducing your product or service to this market? Why?
By what strategy would you enter this market with this product/service?

follow the structure:
executive summary
table of contents
the company
the product
market segmentation
target market
attractiveness factors
a. economic
b. culture
c. geographic
d. demographic
e.political and legal
countries to be considered
target country
major challenges
market entry strategy