Market segmentation and Marketing metrics.

  1. Pick any one online shopping site which starts with the letter of G or F or Y,and evaluate its quality based on eQUAL on eQUAL
  2. Understand what “the fake meat” is by reading more-protein-coming-from-labs-plants. If a new fast-food restaurant using the fake meat rather than the real meat opens, (a) which pricing strategy, penetration or skimming, would you recommend for its burgers? (b) And why? Defend your position.
  3. (a) Find the revenue graph of any one “product category” (not a brand) covering the first year (or many years back) to now (the graph may show the world’s revenue or one country’s revenue) and (b) discuss which strategy, offensive or defensive, should be used for the product category now and in the near future.
  4. Find any one newspaper or magazine ad which has a celebrity endorser (put its image in your answer) and evaluate if the endorser is the right choice for the brand and its likely target market.
  5. Draw a scatter plot for any one company in which the horizontal axis is the company’s ACSI – America Customer Satisfaction Index ( over years and the vertical axis is any one performance (financial or nonfinancial) of the company. And add a trend line on the graph (tip – Excel’s scatter plot has that capability) and discuss the relationship between the ACSI and the performance.
  6. Pick any one company’s income statement (year 2017 or 2018) and calculate marketing ROS, net marketing contribution, and marketing ROI. Show the procedure.