Paper details:

There are four questions for this paper. Each question has to be answer completely giving relevant examples. All answers should be in paragraph form. Try to give lot of practical examples for each question.

1. Identify a company with a great brand and market position. Provide insight as to their strategy and give practical examples of how this may have been accomplished.

2. Identify a company that is positioned in the market as an inferior brand and/or has limited brand position. Why do you believe this is the case? What specific actions should the company take in order to improve their branding position? Provide practical examples.

3. Identify a product that for each category: Convenience, standard brand and luxury brand. Compare and contrast the marketing strategy for convenience good, a moderately priced brand and a luxury brand. Provide practical examples.

4. Expanding total demand is a marketing strategy used in the industry. The text describes various tactics. Identify a product and a potential method they could use to increase total demand. Provide practical examples.