Marketing communication’

Marketing communication’

Answer 3 questions for exams
Each question about 300 words.
Please answer the questions itself very well in a precise clear way
Use the simple language and grammar to present properly
*No need to write introduction and conclusion just answer what you know and how you apply it.
*It is important to learn the ppt I attached because the exam just test what you learn in lecture. Mainly answer fundamental according to the knowledge shows in ppt and a little additional reading examples would be great

•    Questions will be set ONLY on subject areas cover in lecture slides
•    Expand breadth of knowledge on these specific areas
•    Extra marks for reading beyond (as long as basics covered first!!!!)

Q1. Digital media enables users to engage more efficiently. Identify and explain 4 ways in which this engagement can take place, giving examples. (50%) Explain how each of these benefits marketing communications (50%)
(Tips: benefits of digital media compared with traditional media. How digital media enhance marcom)

Q2. Define sales promotion and explain why this type of marcom activity may be more apparent during recession. Also explain difference between pull and push promotional strategy and how they might be used jointly. Give examples.

Q3.  (Advertisement)
Identify and explain O’ Malley’s(1991) and Hall’s(1992) four theories of how advertising works as presented by Fill(2011). Give examples and relate to marketing theory where possible. Explain how these can be enhanced in a digital environment.
Explain the Elaboration Likelihood Model and how it relates to different product types and purchasing experience. Also explain how and why advertising style and message content should be carefully developed. Give examples of   advertisement to illustrate your answer.