Marketing Fundamentals

Congratulations! You are now in Stage 2 of your marketing planning process.
It is time to show Mary, your marketing manager, that you know how to identify
appropriate target audience(s). Based on the same client from Stage 1, you are now
required to analyse the market using suitable and relevant segmentation variables in order
to describe the ideal target market(s) for your client.
As part of the marketing process, you need to research different types of data using a
variety of sources to understand the consumer behaviour of your client’s target market.
What are its consumers’ needs and motivations and what influences them in their
purchasing decisions.
In this stage, you also need to identify or suggest a positioning statement to the client,
which considers all the values and competitive advantages that need to be promoted to
consumers, as well as setting up its positioning map using competitors’ information already
collected in Stage 1.