Marketing Management

Marketing Management

COURSEWORK I (70% of module mark)
3,500 Word Individual Marketing Plan (Report)

Following the segmentation and targeting you have carried out in CW1, you are asked to work INDIVIDUALLY to design a marketing offering with a recognised positioning strategy to fill in a gap you identified in your chosen market.
Your marketing offering should be based on a gap in the market. This gap could be a neglected segment that has not been targeted before, a newly evolving segment, a niche that you think you can serve better than existing competitors, etc. Based on CW1 you should already have full awareness of the possible and the most effective segments within your chosen market. Your marketing offering is about creating, delivering and communicating value to your target market, you should discuss these in detail in your report showing a clear positioning of your marketing offering.

For this particular task, you are asked to write a BUSINESS REPORT, not an essay. You will find this different to what is expected in most other modules where you would be expected to follow an essay style. You need to be aware of the differences between writing a report and an essay; you should not to mistakenly use one style instead of the other as this may result in failing the task. Therefore, the following section provides guidelines on report writing, which can be followed when you are asked to write a REPORT.
Report structure:
Please ensure that you write your work in a report style. Business report writing is a skill that is essential to all Business graduates; it enhances your employability skills and boosts your confidence in the workplace. The following section highlights the main headings that should appear in your report along with a brief explanation of what is expected in each section. Make sure you read this carefully before writing your report.
1. Executive Summary (excluded in word count) This section summarises everything in your report in a professional and concise manner. It should provide specific answers to the main questions such as (the industry you studied, the gap you identified in this market, main segments, who your target market is, and what you are offering them). Therefore, although this appears at the beginning of your report, it should be the last section you write once all the other sections of the report are complete. This summary should attract the reader to explore your report further and it must not exceed a one side of A4 page. The shorter, the better… given that you summarised your report properly.

2. Introduction In this introduction you may provide a brief highlight of the background of this work (chosen market, and a summary of the segments you identified in CW1)
3. Main report sections Your decisions must be fully explained and justified throughout:
• Identifying the gap in the market
• Highlight your positioning
• Introduce your marketing offering (creation, delivery, communication) (i.e. the marketing mix)

4. Conclusion You may reinforce the appropriateness of your choices in a few concluding statements.
5. References (excluded in word count)
A full list of references from academic and authoritative sources must be included with your work.
Each reference must appear at least twice in your report. Once is inside the text (e.g. Hackley (2013) argues that market segmentation is …etc.) and then this reference should appear again in your reference list section as a full reference. For example:
Hackley, C. (2013) Marketing in Context. Setting the Scene. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Harvard Reference Style is to be used throughout

6. Appendices (excluded in word count)
You can include tables, figures, and any visual information in an appendix. Note: anything that appears in an appendix must be referred to inside your report (e.g. see appendix 1, 2, etc.), also remember the appendix section is meant for ‘extra’ information that are relevant and supportive of your argument, it is not a place to put sections of the report. Appendices are not marked but are looked at in the overall evaluation of the piece.
Your assignment must be DOUBLE SPACED using a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) in 12 point. The length of the assignment is 3,500 words. It also needs to contain full in-text referencing and a list of references using Harvard referencing style. Please note that the reference list does not count towards the overall word limit.