Marketing plan for e-business

Marketing plan for e-business

E-Marketing Mix: Within this part of the plan you must discuss firm?s target market, identify competitors, describe approach to advertising, explain pricing mechanisms and outline mode(s) of product/service delivery. More specifically your E-Marketing Mix should include discussion and analysis of:

Customers – who are the firm?s customers, their online behavior, their demographics, and their estimated population

Addoony is an online Qatari store that targets customers in GCC region, particularly in Qatar. As a retailer for well-known beauty products, the primary customers of Addoony are women. According to CIA World Factbook estimates, the total population of Qatar is around 2.2 million, among which the female population aged between 15- 64 in Qatar is around 349,000. For a company that focuses on selling beauty products, this population consisting of young girls to elderly women (15-64) is a good target since they are fond of using makeup products the most. Moreover, women who care about their beauty and self-image are important customers for Addoony, hence they show an interest in purchasing unique makeup products from their online website. Internet users in Qatar are prospective customers for Addoony as it is an online retail store. Buyers who seek unique beauty products which are not available in Qatar are among Addoony?s vital customer base. Moreover, unique makeup products are specially searched for by women during events like Wedding, Eid and special occasions. Makeup artists who usually purchase their products by going abroad, now have the ability to buy the same products with the help of Addoony. Some women are sensitive to normal makeup and need special beauty products that does not harm their sensitive skin. They are also prospective customers for Addoony. Additionally, the online behavior of customers vary to a great degree. Some of their customers are highly satisfied with their online website and their quick delivery system. While other customers are not happy with the delivery schedules appointed by Addoony. Many customers are hesitant in buying without trying beauty products on their skin to see if they have an allergic reaction. Thus, it can be denoted that there are many customer prospects for Addoony but at the same time each consumer shows a different behavior when it comes to purchasing beauty products online.

Competitors – who are the online competitors and what are the products that are being offered online. Take care in clearly defining the competition characteristics as the businesses consider competitor analysis to be a very important part of a marketing plan.

Addoony beauty shop faces many direct and indirect competitors in the market. Two of the strongest competitors to Addoony beauty shop are: Beauty Boutique and Beautepop, since they are both Qatari based online makeup stores that follows nearly similar way of presenting and delivering the products. The competition is also high because they sell some similar makeup brands that are desirable by customers and that are not sold in any physical store in Qatar. Addoony is the most famous online makeup store in Qatar because it wanted to be and become the pioneer in this business. To stay at the top, Addoony is working on creating their own app for mobile phones to make it easier for customer to access and purchase, as it is planning to open up a physical store in the future. In addition, Addoony is unique between its competitors because it has written a contract with a number of brands that are sold in addoony?s beauty shop, and it updated its customers if there is any new contract is written to develop and maintain customer trust and loyalty. While competitors purchase the makeup from other stores in other countries and sell them directly in their online stores without mention any source or from where they get it, that makes customers doubted the quality of the product.

Advertising and promotion ? Clearly communicate a suitable advertising and promotion strategy using online sources. Remember Internet is one online media and there may be others which can be utilized. Beautiful and appealing website is only a step towards effective advertising. You must also consider words, message, structure and such other issues when designing Internet based advertising and promotion approaches.

The Addonney Beauty Shop website is need to be improved especially with its designing and graphics to make it more appealing and attracting the visitors that?s will force customers to spend more times discovering the website and this will lead them to increase the chances of purchasing from the website. Also, they can put more features that will help attracting more customers as well as increasing the sales. In the next narrative is an illustrate of some weak points need to improved and some ways to take advantage of them.
The language of the website need to be improved by writing them in formal format to give the website more formal character to track the customers trust. Also, be very careful with choosing the terminology and the expression of both the Arabic and English language because it has a significant impact on attracting the attention of the visitors and create psyche links between the brand and visitors in order to push them buy with fully trust and conviction.
The homepage needs to improved by listing items of the logos of brands offered, so when the visitor click on them directly listed related products. Because what makes Addoney beauty different is that they are owning an exclusive and official agent for a number of well known brands in the world that not available on Qatar. Moreover, listing best sales products in the top of the homepage will attract customers attention. Adding more real pictures of the products in different positions with high quality and attached short video tutorial that describe the benefits and how they can apply it in appropriate way.
There are some additional small features that has significant impact on any website visitors, that not noticed on Addonney website. Such as, letting the customers to leave some reviews and rating on products. The statistics shows that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase?from a site which has user reviews. (iPerceptions, 2011). In addition, list the items out of stock and record the orders in advance on desired products. Moreover, add wish list beside the cart item, when the customers add some items on that list directly contact with them by sending reminder emails that letting your customers know that the items on their list if available on sale or will be soon sold out. These both features are available on one application named WishList + Reminder. **
Further things help in advertising and promotion are emails, Instegram and word of mouth the following paragraph is describing of each. To start with using email can be the best channel in online marketing. by sending regular newsletters that list the deals and discounts to keep you in touch with your customers often or by customizing emails to them with the things that they interested in based on their purchased history. You can take an advantage by using Emma website, they can helps in providing such service.
Also, Instagram is very useful tool to advertise business in Qatar most of family members and friends having their own accounts and they mainly focusing on the business account that enable them to live good shopping experience. What noticed with Addooney, they do good job on Instagram by reaching more than 39 thousands followers. But what needs to notice here is improving the interaction with customers by reveal behind the scenes work, like adding some pictures of the delivery employees with brief description of them to build friendly relationship with customers or using Instagram videos that shows the behind scenes of work like when they preparing and delivering the packages. Keep displaying customers pictures of Addooney products to earn social proof.
Besides that Addoney beauty shop should promote their products by letting word of mouth extremely spread by choosing power influencer who already have same target audience attention such as Ascia, Hanan Alnehadah and Sondos whose most famous Kuwaiti instegramer have the similar audience?s attention of adoring fashion and makeup. Send some sample products that Addooney Beauty distinguish themselves by as a gift and let them talk about it on their account.
Try to give customers some gifts to make them feels their importance to Addooney that will lead them to be loyal. Types of gifts can vary for example, giving some discount for loyal customers or sending samples of new products and take their feedback on considerations. After certain number of purchasing let them to save some Qatari Riyals in special account in the website that enable customers using it in the next time of purchasing.

Pricing – How is the firm going to set and adjust prices for their products/services within online environment. Remember most people go to Internet to find cheaper price and good deals. Hence you need to come up with a practical and robust pricing framework. May be looking at what the firm?s competitors are charging is a good start in establishing a price base line.

Operations ? In this section you should discuss the equipment, software, expertise that may be needed in successful running of the website and related e-marketing operations. The key questions which may need answering could be: who is going to design and the website, who is going to formulate and run e-marketing campaigns, and who will be responsible for updating and maintain the website.
My part!

Risk analysis: Remember the .com bubble burst in early 2000 when a large number of internet based firms disappeared over night. In this section you should identify and define the major risks and threats that may affect the firm performance.
Now you should have reasonable understanding as to what is involved in developing a basic E-Marketing Plan. Remember the most important points are:
Addressing the role of internet in marketing firm?s products/services
Online Consumer Behavior :NOT MINE
Virtual competition: NOT MINE
Internet Pricing mechanisms: NOT MINE
Internet related risks and uncertainties


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