Marketing Project ( Abecrombie and Fitch-Plus Size Juniors)

The CEO of your assigned fashion company has come to your marketing team with a special project. Based on the fashion company’s continued success he/she has decided that the company should tap into a target market that has been virtually ignored. Since this market is not being utilized to its full potential, it is up to your team to develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan for your company. Each team will determine whether it would be beneficial and profitable for your company to venture into this ignored market. Research various marketers in foreign countries.
The marketing plan: During this process you should develop a marketing plan for the CEO. After conducting your research, you need to develop a marketing plan to describe how you are going to achieve your goals. Please include the following sections in your plan:
 Current Marketing Situation: Provide a current background of the company’s marketing situation. What are its strengths and weakness? Who are its major competitors? What marketing channels does the company use? How are sales?

analyze the company’s current marketing strategy and existing target market. Why has this company been successful?