marketing strategy of a sporting organisation

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Choice: Real Madrid (Football team)
The report can focus on any aspect of sports marketing – and could include a
professional football team, a sports brand such as Adidas (although if you choose
a large company like Adidas, make sure that you focus on one aspect of their
business – otherwise you may find that you have too much to do), or a local team
or league that you are involved with.
The important thing is to demonstrate the application of sports marketing
Select a sporting organisation with which you are familiar and identify, summarise
and assess the marketing strategy and tactics used by this organisation – in the
context of one of the features described above. You should:
– Illustrate the practice of contemporary marketing and sports
marketing principles used by your chosen organisation.

– Describe the choice of tools and media used by the organisation to
convey messages to target audiences.
– Evaluate the configuration of the marketing mix used to reach the
target audience(s).
– Critically assess the changing nature of contemporary marketing
within your chosen organisation.