Using the most recent online information you can find–such as government documents, company statements, and other sources–complete a financial analysis on your company. Be sure to include pertinent financial ratios in your discussions (at least three (3) types of ratios that are mandatory: Net Income, Quick Ratio, and Earnings per Share; one additional, aka 4th, ratio is your choice. Total of 4 ratios are required). Highlight (discuss) specific good or bad ratios that help explain the company’s current position in the market. Provide analytical comments for each ratio and cite sources in the APA format. You may include graphs/visuals.

Find and/or construct and include a current organizational chart for your company.

Complete the (Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix with ten (10) strengths and ten (10) weaknesses. Provide analytical comments on matrix results and cite sources in the APA format. Please submit IFE in excel.

Discuss the “Value of the Firm” (aka Value Chain with primary and secondary activities). Part a: List primary and secondary activities with cost estimates at the Value Chain Category level (5 extra points). Part b: Also, please fill out the matrix listing primary activities and mark each primary activity as high, medium, or low value from the customer point of view. (5 extra points).