Mass communication

  1. Select a film, TV show, sport, or musician with a public online fan community. Using examples from this online community, discuss how this community engages with the original work, and what new meanings are created by these examples of fan participation. 2. Select a social media platform. Discuss how information about news and current events flows through the platform between individual users and/or groups. You should identify one or two specific news stories and examine the networks that they flow through and how the network shapes the information that is communicated. 3. Select a television episode from a series that reflects a genre of your choice. Discuss how this genre-story provides examples of social commentary, masking them within the common characteristics of the genre. 4. Select a videogame. Discuss how this game creates an embodied relationship with the player, and what methods the game uses to cause players to identify with the the game world and the story and characters within it. You should refer to the appropriate readings available on C4 and also find additional academic resources from public libraries and academic databases to provide evidence for your discussion and support your arguments. How to find appropriate resources for your essay will be discussed in class.