Maternal child Health

Maternal child Health

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Chapter 11

1. Describe the rationale for including the broader women’s health in maternal and child health?

2. Describe the evolution of maternity care from “embedded in female culture” to “medicalization”. How has the women’s health movement countered this?

3. Discuss how gender constructs influence women’s lives.

4. Explain the concept of understanding women’s health throughout the life cycle.

5. Describe key issues specific to women and girls at each life stage.

Chapter 12

1. Define “Children with Special Health Needs”.

2. Discuss cultural variations in the use of health care, the prevalence of disabling conditions, health care attitudes and practices.

3. Discuss the epidemiology of mental health conditions amongst youths in the US.

4. Describe challenges related to financing mental health care fore adolescents.

5. What does Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 establish? What does the Americans with Disabilities Act establish.