Math Pedagogy

This paper has a video component. The video is approximately 15 minutes in duration. Links are provided below.

In this video, students are asked to work in groups to solve two equations using more than one method—such as graphing, algebra, or geometry. Students solve the equations using graphing calculators and by graphing. After completing the process of solving the systems of equations, the students present their solutions to the class. Students are encouraged to participate in the discussion, led by the teacher, and express their ideas.

View the Video
As you view the video, keep in mind the exploring teaching questions located in the post-viewing section.

Post-Viewing Exploration
Review the Topics for Dicussion section on the following website:

Respond to the three major questions listed in the topics for discussion, relating your ideas to the activity illustrated in the video. The series of questions following each major question is a guide for details in your response. Make sure that your essay addresses these topics as they would relate to an Algebra I class. In your essay, be certain to explain how this lesson supports both the CCSS Mathematical Practices and the NCTM Standards; be specific and cite examples.