Matlab project – Random Walker


This is an assignment for matlab class see the attached file which is under the name random walker for instruction. Also there are two other files that you need to look at so you can know and understand the way we use to write codes because I know there are different ways and I only want to follow the instructor way. Please read the random walker file carefully to avoid issues.
The Random Walker
 Due April 9th by Midnight
 Work in Groups of up to 3 students
 Submit exercise via email.
 Note: All programming must be done by the individual groups (NO COPYING). This is a graded homework activity. Do not use pre-developed code from the internet.
Create the Random Walker toy that tracks the movement of n balls as they move through the toy. As the balls fall down the toy, they can move to either the right or left of each peg. There are total of 15 levels with 16 columns to capture each of the balls. Using a combination of functions, loops, and vectors to create the Random Walker toy. Create a figure that includes all of the pegs, and shows each ball individually dropping through the pegs (Hint use the drawnow command). At the bottom, show the balls colleting in columns.
Increase the number of balls. How does this change the distribution?