MBA647-November2015- Assignment2 Dr. Dorsaf Azzabi

MBA647-November2015- Assignment2 Dr. Dorsaf Azzabi
Achieving Operational Excellence: Evaluating Supply Chain Management Services
This is an individual assignment. The weight of this assignment is 10% of your total class
grade. The assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:
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regarding assessment. Your attention is directed to the regulations regarding assessments in the Student’s
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School of Graduate Studies
MBA647- Management Information Systems
Fall November 2015
Course Learning outcomes PLO’s Assignment
CLO1-Demonstrate advanced skills in analyzing an
organization’s needs for information systems and
assess its influence on the organization’s performance
and productivity
PLO1 Q1, Q2
CLO2- Apply advanced skills in planning the development
and employment of information systems, including
requirement specifications, design, implementation,
testing, and operation processes
PLO2 Q1, Q2
CLO3- Conduct advanced research on several current and
emerging IS technologies and show how they can
improve both operational and strategic decision
CLO4 – Evaluate and develop advanced IT strategy planning
and formulation and demonstrate its alignment with
organizational strategy and business goals
Q2, Q3
CLO5 – Critically discuss the major technological,
organizational, behavioral and ethical issues facing
today’s information system professionals
PLO10 Q3
MBA647-November2015- Assignment2 Dr. Dorsaf Azzabi
Trucking companies no longer merely carry goods from one place to another. Some
provide supply chain management (SCM) services to their customers and help them
manage their information. In this assignment, you’ll use the Web to research and evaluate
two of these business services.
Investigate the Web sites of two companies, UPS Logistics and Schneider Logistics, to
see how these companies’ services can be used for SCM. Then respond to the following
Q1. Analyze how both companies can enhance the performance of a supply chain by
integrating the IT capabilities. [3 marks]
Q2. Discuss how customers can use the Web site of each company to help them with
SCM. [3 marks]
Q3. Compare the SCM services provided by these companies. Argue which
company would you select to help your firm manage its supply chain? Explain your
choice. [4 marks]
Write your answers in a word document, including a cover page where you need to
mention the assignment title, your name and ID.
Save the file under the name: MBA647_assignment_SCM_StudentName_StudentID.doc
Upload your document to class Moodle at the assignment specified link.
Please submit your assignment electronically by January 5
, 2016.
Late work will be marked, but the mark for this submission is capped at a bare pass
(equivalent to 50%). Note that the email or Moodle records the date and time of each
submission. This date and time will be used to determine whether work has been
submitted after the deadline.