“The MNE’s strategic challenge is to exploit all three source of global competitive advantage — scale economies, national differences, and scope economies — to optimize global efficiencies, multinational flexibility, and worldwide learning” (Bartlett & Beamish, 2014, p. 209). Describe how the company you chose met this challenge.

On pages 219 through 222 (2014), the authors describe strategic tasks that companies can use to respond to strategic challenges. Which strategic task does your company use most? How could the company you chose use any or all of these strategies more effectively? Make specific suggestions, as though you were reporting to the Board of Directors of the company. Based on the Adaptation-Aggregation-Arbitrage (AAA) triangle presented in Supplemental Reading #3-1 (Ghemawat, 2007, p. 272), describe how your company integrates globally (hint: see page 269 for proxies and the chart on page 270 for distinguishing characteristics). Based on your research this week, do you still believe the internationalization mentality you identified in Week 1 is correct and why? If not which one do you now feel is correct, and why?