McDonalds Expansion in China

Final Term Project Paper and Presentation Topic: McDonalds Expansion in China

Project description
You will be required to submit a 10-15-page term paper regarding how to enter a foreign market for a particular product or service. Each of you will select a country

(not the US nor the companys headquarters country) and must communicate your final choice to me via email by the end of Week 4. Course participants will need to post a

presentation of their paper in Power Point in the Bb Learn Assignments area .

In addition to the paper and presentation, you are required to submit the following:
– An individual evaluation of three presentations other than your own. The focus of your comments should be on the feasibility of the business idea (are you

convinced?) and overall professionalism of the presentation. I will provide more details of this requirement and an evaluation form that you will use later in the


The maximum number of slides for the presentation is 16. The presentation and the written paper account for 10 percent and 10 percent of your course grade,

respectively. Your commentary on the other groups will be weighted 5% of the course grade.

In your term paper, you will apply the theories from this class to analyze the market potential for a product or service of your choice in your selected foreign

country. Your paper should include, but not be limited to, the following:

Micro issues:
– Product description, product track record
– Introduction of the company
– Reason for entering a foreign market at this time
– Costbenefit analysis of different entry models for this product (i.e. FDI, licensing, exporting)
– Anticipated cultural and political challenges
– Government policies (tariffs, non tariff barriers, taxes, regulations re. foreign ownership and other FDI regulations)

Macro issues:

– Brief description of the country (geography, major industries, demographics)
– Economic system / role of government in the economy / Current political conditions
– Current economic conditions (wages, income distribution, economic growth rate, unemployment rate, inflation rate etc.)
– Financial markets (foreign exchange rate, interest rate, stability and performance)
– Balance of payments
– Foreign economic policy and openness: major trading partners and investors, countrys membership in any trade blocs, countrys participation in international


– SWOT Analysis
– Market segmentation, pricing strategy, distribution and promotional strategy.

Specific requirements for the paper:

– font size 12/ double spaced
– 10-15 pages of text (excluding cover page and exhibits)
– numbered pages
– cover page with title of the project and your name
– list of contents, summary and conclusions
– clearly labeled relevant exhibits and graphs (cut and paste from web is acceptable but not copies from books)
– bibliography with proper citations of all quotations (APA format)
– source of statistics for all charts and tables is required

Great data for final term projects – from Emily Missner, LCOB librarian
Posted on: Sunday, September 28, 2014 8:10:23 AM EDT
From Emily Missner, LeBow College librarian- There’s no question about it: the World Bank’s got some great data. For example, the World Bank Development Indicators are

essential to so many economics and international business classes. If you haven’t used them yet, I bet you will soon. But there’s only one thing better than great

data: FREE great data! The World Bank has opened up its fantastic data sets for everyone. Along with the World Development Indicators, there are 18 more sets of data

to peruse and use, ranging from Millennium Development Indicators to the Doing Business Database, from Enterprise Surveys to Gender Statistics. Most of the data sets

can be downloaded in a variety of formats including excel, xml, and csv. If you’re interested in economics or international business, this is certainly a resource you

should bookmark. We’ve also got it in our catalog.
A subset of the World Bank Indicators can also accessed via Google Public Data. It’s the same data, but it’s sort of fun to see it graphically displayed in different

ways. I especially like the map option.
Data at the World Bank
Google Public Data Explorer


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