Measurements and Instrumentation

Design a Measurement System to Evaluate Thermal and Lighting Comfort Conditions in Hayes flail 002
Although human comfort is an objective parameter, it is dependent on many factors that are measurable such as temperature distribution, humidity level, lighting indexes, etc. In the final project of Measurement and Instrumentation, students will use the concepts learned in class about measurement systems, data collection and data analysis to design a system to examine thermal and light comfort conditions in Hayes 002. Students will need to pick the equipment needed such as a thermo-hygrometer that measures indoor temperature and humidity level, a lighting sensor, a multi-channel data acquisition system, and etc. with detailed information including the brand, the model number and etc. Students will also design experiments to evaluate the thermal and lighting comfort conditions in HA002 with elaborated testing procedure. In addition, students will use Lab VIEW to write a vi program that performs data acquisition for the designed measurement system. This is NOT a group project. Each individual should have your own design and submit your own vi and final report.