Mechanisms and Genetic regulation

Mechanisms and Genetic regulation

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1:Can Go

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use this transcript to write about HR being inappropriate when it comes to use of language and lack in leadership skills.

Elizabeth: -and it involves getting into a new market.
Gail: Okay, let’s go to it.
Andrew: If the main issue is control, there’s ways to protect ourselves and
our interests.
Elizabeth: This is my company.
Maria: And if heads are going to roll, they say start at the top.
Warren: Yes!
Narrator: Welcome to the Mastering Marketing episode “Understanding
Consumer Behavior”.
Gail: I love that deal.
Whitney: But the two-for-one. Forget about it; I’m not worried about it.
Nick: What’d you buy?
Whitney: Oh, a sweater and some shoes.
Nick: You don’t have to leave your desk. You could’ve got that online.
Gail: You know, it’s funny, the skirt that I bought today, I saw it online
and I put it in my virtual shopping cart, but I didn’t pull the trigger.
Whitney: Hmm. You know, I saw a statistic that said over 75-percent of eshoppers
who put stuff in their cart never pull the trigger.
Andrew: Is that true? That’s a large number.
Whitney: Well, that’s what the BizRate site said.
Andrew: That’s incredible. I wonder if that rate applies to Can Go shoppers.
Gail: Well, shopping is just different online.
Andrew: Well, actually the Web page hierarchy is set up to mirror the
consumer buying process from problem recognition to purchase.
Gail: You know, but virtual things always happen along the way. It’s
just, it’s different when the skirt is in your hand.

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Elizabeth, Gail, Andrew, Maria, Warren, Narrator, Nick, Whitney,
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Whitney: Or in this case on your hips.
Whitney: Just kidding! It’s a joke.
Gail: That’s not funny. Something’s wrong. What?
Andrew: Here’s what I want you to do, I want you to investigate the hitGail:
Quiet, Nick.
Andrew: -hit and click through rates on some of those specific pages. I’ll email
you the page numbers that correspond to problem recognition,
informative search, alternative evaluation, purchase and postpurchase
Gail: And you want this when?
Andrew: ASAP. This should help see if customers – where customers are
falling off, if they’re moving through the process as they should,
and if this 75-percent rate applies to us.
Gail: Guess I have my marching orders.
Nick: And, Gail, the clock’s ticking.
Gail: Oh, don’t worry, you’re going to be on it with me.
Nick: Oh, no, I’mGail:
Oh, you are going to be myAndrew:
Actually, why don’t you help her with that?
Nick: Come on, Andrew.
Gail: My number one assistant.
Narrator: Now move onto the brief summary of concepts and then to the
interactive exercises.

2:Describe the mechanisms and genetic regulation that underpin how two cells such as a cardiomyocyte and a motor neuron have identical genomes, yet are functionally and structurally different

3:Adolescents typically are aware of the dangers of loud music, but feel that they will not fall victim to hearing loss. Given the danger of listening to iPods and MP3 players at loud volumes for extended periods of time, should they come with warning labels highlighting the potential for hearing loss? Why or why not? Be sure to use terms and concepts from the chapter within your discussion.