Med Surg paper

Med Surg paper

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this is a three part assignment

Part 1
Critical Thinking activity: reflect upon an event that happened or could have happened in clinical( when writing this part, ask yourself what was the problem, what was your concern and what did you do or would have done differently)

info: my patient was 92 years female who came in with weakness in her legs, had a lumber compression fix, UTI and dysarthrimia

She was hypokalemic and BP was 172/108 and had a CT brain scan with no mass or hemorrhage.
meds give was aspirin(81mg), Ramipril (2.5 mg); torsemide( 10mg), metoprolol ( 25 mg), magnesium sulfate IV and kcl ER tablet.

please be creative .

part 2

Based on the scenario, write your clinical experience using the communication concept as your base when writing your experience
example: talk to them about the meds, talking about their diagnoses.

part 3

this part is little different

we had a UTSW simulation.

Me( nurse) and 2nd year med student talks to the daughter of the patient about the error caused by our part. we did not have a proper communication with the team. we are trying to apologise to the daughter about the incident( patient fall and broke her hip) and assured her that the hospital will take up any cost that comes up regarding this issues.