Media Analysis & Strategy

Congratulations! You made it to week 2 of the MCT course, where
you will dive into media analysis and media strategy with a job
simulation activity. In this hypothetical job, you will get to choose
your own client.
You will begin by selecting a client that is a non-profit organization
and that also has one or more negative public perceptions or
instances of “bad press” it is trying to recover from. After finding
resources explaining why the public and potential donors are
unhappy with the NPO, you will create a plan to use media to try
and change what the public thinks about your client. The
important thing to keep in mind is that we can’t change our clients
business or organizational structure or other systemic problems
they may have. We can only try and change what the public and
potential donors think by using various media messages and
Please be sure you check your grade comments from last week’s
submissions when they become available. These comments from
your instructor can help you prepare you for upcoming
assignments. For now, you can dive into task 1 for this week.
Finally, this week’s assignment does not use a discussion board
to share deliverables like you did last week. Moving forward, most
assignments will involve you sharing your assignment
deliverables with your instructor in a response window, like the
one you’ll find at the bottom of this assignment.
Task 1: Locate a NPO with a PR Nightmare (that you want to
In order to successfully complete this task:
• Choose one of the non-profit organizations that is battling
one or more negative public perceptions from this list.
• Find 3 sources discussing the NPOs public relations (PR)
• Post the NPO you chose to work with, a brief explanation of
their negative public perceptions, working links to your
sources, and a sentence for each link describing it’s
Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are usually designed to to help in
some way. Donations of money, and time, and estates are what
keep these organizations in business. They grow when their
brand/name has a higher approval rating. As soon as they do
something that hurts their public perception, their donations
dwindle and their ability to help is effected.
You will select a client from the list that is both a non-profit
organization AND a “public relations nightmare.” Finally, you will
show that they are in trouble with the public and possible donors
by finding three (3) articles, videos, or other sources that explain
your client’s negative public image.
In the response window below, under the heading Task 1, post the
name of your NPO client as well as a 2-3 sentence explanation
of their negative public perception. Finally, using active hyperlinks,
share at least three sources. For each source, please give a
short, one sentence explanation per source describing how the
source backs up the negative public image your client has.
Task 2: Writing a Short Media Analysis & Media Strategy
In order to successfully complete this task:
• Watch the short video explaining the difference between
analysis and strategy.
• Read this article about writing a media analysis from eHow.
• Read this article about how to write a media strategy from
• Review the sources you found relating to your clients
negative image.