Media assessment or health concern

Film, television program, music video, website, book, or journal article analysis
Sexuality is portrayed in almost every aspect of the popular media. Students will choose a
book, film, television program, music video, website or journal article. Cite one reputable
research source to support your main idea. If discussing a journal article you do not
not need an additional research source. You will examine the role of sexuality, how concepts of
gender and/or sexuality are used and how they may affect the sexual behaviors of its
For example, if you are discussing a character in a show who will most likely contract a sexually
transmitted disease because this person has multiple sexual partners without using protection, cite a
research study in the body of the paper to support your main idea.
You can alternatively summarize and critique a health, social or gender issue, taken from a
reputable journal, or a reputable website, as WebMD.