Media Influence on Development

Your media research was so fantastic that you have been selected to serve on the National Advisory Board for Media Influences on Development. Congratulations! The NABMID board is a high status (though unfortunately non-paying) job – so you take it.
In preparation for the first meeting, you are asked to show the rest of the board how research on media content works and why it is important. In an essay, explain the following things in your own words about the research you conducted:
Introduce why is it IMPORTANT to understand media content and how media can influence children’s development?
What general research question did you ask, and why?
What did you code (what categories), and what did you find? (Results can be brief and general, e.g., “There were about twice as many men as women shown with stereotypical accessories…”)
Give at least TWO specific examples from your data to illustrate your coding or results (e.g., “Stereotypical accessories for men included guns and axes. For women…”)
Link your research results to the possible EFFECTS on development (you can use the ideas from your P4 media theory homework). Be sure to include:
WHAT could be affected in development by the kind of media you measured (e.g., behaviors? Attitudes? Beliefs? Be sure to say who would likely be affected)
HOW children or teens might be influenced by media in the area that you studied (i.e., what
THEORY or construct explains how this content could affect, e.g., attitudes?)
Give at least a 1-2 sentence conclusion about the importance of understanding media influences on development.