Media Literacy

Enjoy your Creative Korea – Official TVC for 2016 Korea Tourism – 60s
Lee Jong Suk – Korea Tourism TVC

Both videos are somewhat obvious in their author/purpose, yet, the relationship between their point of view, purpose, and audience can be somewhat more complex.

Identify the following: 1) Author/creator and purpose (this is fairly straightforward). Why was the video made? Who is its target audience? Where is this audience located? What aspects of the video clue you in to who the target audience is? (5pts); 2) Point of view—from what position is this video presented? Who is the message sender and who is the message receiver? Which figures represent the sender and which the receiver? Does the point of view stay consistent or does it sometimes shift? (10pts); 3) What visual, textual, and aural (sound-related) strategies are used to communicate this purpose/point of view? (15pts); 4) How do the videos use activity categories and the concept of genre (familiar types of media forms) to draw in their audiences? How can you tell? Do they make use of any common tropes or patterns of representation? (10 pts); 5) Briefly compare and contrast the two videos. What features do they share? In what ways do they differ? (10 pts).