Media Policy & Social Change

Focus on media policy and social change. Write a letter to the editor about an aspect of media policy that you feel strongly about (hint: it should also probably involve things you re. about in this unit). Be sure to start with an identification of the problem, the existing laws and policies in this area, and the proposed changes that you are writing on behalf of (or against). Some laws are national, others are local. Some are left to corporate choice, others are specified in governmental policy. Be specific and make sure to connect national policy debates to local political processes. You are writing to a Seattle area audience, so be sure to connect the issues to tangible things that we might actually experience and find some connection to. Use in-text citations in a letter to the editor genre (i.e., not APA5th). For instance, consider the following citation format: “in his 2013 booK “Digital disconnect,” Professor Bob McChesney suggests that…”