LAW3114 and LAW3141 Medical Law Main coursework question 2015/16 Part A

The assessment of this module is divided into two parts. Part A consists of ONE compulsory question and is worth 50% of the total mark. Part B consists of an end of year Examination and is worth 50% of the total mark.

Part A- This assessment is compulsory and the answer may not exceed 2500 words.
The coursework should be typed on white background, A4 paper, in 12 point font. A bibliography should be included at the end of the coursework. Cases must be cited correctly, but the full citation may be contained in footnotes. Please note that work which is not properly referenced will not achieve a good grade. Word count must be recorded. You must fully attribute any judicial quotations or passages taken from articles or textbooks. Failure to do so may result in your work being referred to the Academic Registry for plagiarism.
Submission of coursework
Coursework must be submitted by 22nd January 2016 by 4 p.m. electronically on Turnitin via the module site on MyUnihub, where it will be checked for possible plagiarism, collusion and word counts using the appropriate software. Failure to submit on Turnitin will result in the award of 0%. The work must be submitted without the title and without setting out the question in order for the word count to be checked. Please remember to state your word count excluding the title, question, footnotes and bibliography. The bibliography is to be submitted with your answer. Please do not submit hard copies in this module – submit only on Turnitin.
The deadline is fixed and missing the deadline will result in the award of 0%. Extensions cannot be granted. Where you can demonstrate a good reason to defer, you may apply for a deferral. If you are granted a deferral, you must take the new assessment at the next opportunity.
You must take care to upload your final answer by the deadline as once the deadline is passed you will not be able to submit another version. The responsibility for timely submission is yours, and except for proven failures of University systems, reasons for late submission relating to your computer malfunction will not be accepted.
You must retain a copy of your work.
Students may submit their coursework to the electronic system, Turnitin, as many times as they like prior to the deadline. Each time they will receive an Originality Report giving them the opportunity to address plagiarism/poor referencing, etc. issues up until the deadline date. Students will be required to submit a final copy by the deadline date.
Please note that the marks given for coursework during the academic year will be provisional only and will be confirmed on publication of the final results at the end of the academic year.
Word Limits
(a) All coursework must state the word count.
(b) The word count excludes the bibliography and footnotes. Footnotes must contain citations only and not text. Any text contained in the footnotes will not be marked.
(c) All work which exceeds the word limit, fails to state the word count or states the word count incorrectly will be subject to penalties.
(d) Coursework which fails to state the word count or states the word count incorrectly will be penalised by the deduction of 2%.
(e) Coursework which exceeds the word limit will be penalised by the deduction of 1% for every 2% that the word limit is exceeded.


Frank and Greta live with their daughter, Alice aged 13, and Frank’s older brother, Bob, who is 64.

Unfortunately Alice has developed an aggressive cancer of the jaw bone. Alice has undergone a number of cycles of chemotherapy which has not halted the size of the cancer. Mr Patel, her consultant, wishes to perform an operation which will involve harvesting skin and bone from her thighs to rebuild her jaw. In his opinion without the operation Alice will die within a few months but with the operation she has a 60% chance of surviving beyond five years. Her parents are against the operation and feel strongly that they should seek opinions and treatment from complementary practitioners. Mr Patel has informed Greta and Frank that they will need to be fully committed to her after-care as she will require a great deal of post operative support. Alice is persuaded by her parents’ arguments into refusing the surgery. She also does not want to grow up with a deformed face; she is disgusted about the thought of the skin graft and also about the prospects of not being able to chew food for several months after surgery.

Bob has a learning disability, suffers from forgetfulness and from a long-term depressive illness. He is also diabetic and is forgetful about controlling his sugar levels. Bob, who is fiercely independent, suffered a severely crushed arm following a car accident when he was trying to cross a busy road on his own. Bob does not take care of his arm and neither does he cooperate with the treatment that has been administered to him thus far. Dr Chen has recommended that they have no option but to amputate above the elbow removing his hand, wrist and forearm. In his opinion, without the amputation Bob will have a severely reduced life expectancy. Bob refuses to agree to the operation as he is worried he will lose his independence. He thinks his arm will heal if it is left alone and that doctors are exaggerating his illness so that they can carry out their secret plan to move him away from his family and into a care home, where he will become a virtual prisoner. Frank and Greta are also concerned that if the amputation goes ahead that Bob’s symptoms may grow worse as they have been warned he may suffer an acute stress reaction to losing his arm. They are also worried that he will be difficult to care for after the operation.

Advise the parties of the Medical Law issues arising.

(Max 2,500 words)