Medical statistics

Medical statistics

Project description
This assignment is to improve your ability to analyze existing articles. This is one of core points of evidence based practice/policy

In order to do this assignment, find one article (published in 2007 or later) that meet for the following three criteria in the area of your interest: 1) quantitative,

2) deductive (researchers used a theory to test their hypotheses), 3) an analysis of primary data (researchers collect their own data). In addition, only for

assignment purposes, please do NOT select a review study or a qualitative study. In describing your opinions, you are welcome to cite other articles. In doing this,

please use APA format. If possible, please do not exceed five pages in total. Double spacing. You can use any materials that might be useful to complete this

assignment. The article should include information for the following questions.

1)Describe their research questions and/or hypotheses. And, describe how did the researchers use a theory to formulate research questions or hypotheses? If they did

not name a theory, name a theory. Sometimes, researchers did not name it, but readers could be able to identify one through reviewing the background section of the

study (3 points).

2)From the research questions or hypotheses, identify study variables such as the dependent and independent variables. Briefly describe how the study variables were

measured. If there are many IVs, you may want to select several core IVs. And, identify types of measurement reliability and validity for the variables (3 points).

3)Describe a sampling method and a data collection (survey/interview) method employed in the study. Briefly describe your thoughts on why the researchers used the type

of sampling method and data collection method for their study. If you do the same research, would you like to use the same method or different one? And why? (3 points)

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4)Describe types of data analysis. Explain it based on the different levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio). For example, the researchers used chi-

square tests because they have two nominal level variables (e.g., race/ethnicity: white vs. nonwhite, psychiatric diagnosis: yes or no). If you do the same research,

would you like to use the same data analysis or different one? And why? (3 points)

5)Describe how the researchers link their research findings to implications for practice and/or policy. And, describe your thoughts on public health practice and

policy. How useful is evidence in helping your current or potential individuals in needs (3 points)


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