Mental health

  1. Think about the time that you have spent in your mental health class, both in the classroom, studying, and in your clinical experiences. How has your thinking changed?


Understanding of people struggling with mental illness



  1. Describe your most significant experience for you in clinical. If this was a negative experience, was there anything you could have done differently to influence the outcome? If it was positive, how will this affect you in the future as a nurse?
  2. What are ways an in what setting do you anticipate you will utilize the skills you have learned in this clinical? In your professional life? In your personal life? What advice will you have for new nursing students about this class?
  3. Think back over your journals where you explored your feelings and attitudes. Has it been easy or difficult for you? What factors contribute to the ease or difficulty you experience? Discuss what factors might contribute to a hospitalized patient’s ability to self disclose to a nurse.
  4. Complete the communication evaluation form assessment. Compare this to how you evaluated your communication skills earlier in clinical. What have been your biggest areas for growth? What facilitated this growth?