Mental health nursing


Using the key words below, discuss how the principles of recovery paradigm can be integrated into mental health nursing practice
Key words: Recovery framework, uniqueness of the individual, peer support, advocacy, attitudes and rights, consent, dignity and respect, partnership and

As a guide, in order to answer this essay question, the completed essay should give the reader an understanding of the consumer experience and how
nurses can help facilitate the consumer’s recovery.

Principles of recovery paradigm – Suggest using Recovery orientated principles (located in week one resources in VUC) see brief and comprehensive
document versions, reference this government document in your essay.

Choose 3-4 of the Recovery orientated principles – you may mention them all although state that your essay will focus on 3-4. Therefore, you may avoid
becoming too descriptive/defining all six. Discussing all 6 will leave you minimal word space to allow for examples and or depth in discussion.

Integrated into mental health nursing practice – Ensure for each principle you define the principle but also give examples that demonstrate how this
principle can be applied to mental health practice. (Utilise journal articles to find examples, atleast two per principle.) For e.g. Type into Cinahl search
engine (dignity and respect and mental health practice) you may need to try various methods to locate journals. There are many journal articles available.

Note as in essay question/literature you will find other key terms related to Recovery. These are not mandatory to discuss all, although can be integrated
into your essay, especially when discussing practice. This will show your deep understanding of the topic.

Remember your essay is in third person. The perspective can be broad and can be viewpoints of both consumers and or clinician. i.e. ‘can show benefits for
the consumers, journal examples can highlight consumer recommendations and or recovery focused practice initiatives of the clinician. Remember
ultimately your discussing importance consumer involvement (consumers voice) and how to enhance consumer recovery.

Hint!!!!!! Consider what may hinder recovery and or indicate what future research is needed and or mental health nursing practice improvements that are
required in the area of consumer recovery. (This is often mentioned in research journal towards the end.)
Common mistakes – Font size, spacing, paragraph length (should be 8-10 lines). Follow APA referencing – direct quotes need page number, ensure your
introduction sets the scene and purpose of essay. Conclusion needs to mention each paragraph key points.