Mentoring and Forming a project team

The following post has two questions namely;


Select one either coaching or mentoring (I have already chose mentoring), and analyse the contribution this can make to individual and organisational performance. Underpin your answer with
reference to appropriate academic models as well as using relevant organisational examples to justify and illustrate points you are making. These examples can be drawn from a range of settings
which may include private companies; voluntary organisations; international organisations

2.Forming a project team

Case: Launching a Project You work for a company that manufactures and sells commercial printing presses. Your organization has three (3) manufacturing facilities in the US and 5 regional offices
that handle sales, customer service and repair, and parts distribution. One of the 3 manufacturing site was acquired in a recent merger. The Director of Human Resources wants to revise and
standardize the process of performance appraisal. The current situation is that not every location does performance appraisals, and those that do have different approaches and use different forms.
The goal is to get a standard approach and process for evaluating and appraising the company’s employees. You have been named the Project Manager for this project. Assignment In a word processing
file, such as MS Word or Google Docs, type a short paper (2-3 pages) on your thoughts for how you will launch this project team. Consider … Who would want as a Sponsor? Why? Who should be on the
team? Why? Put together an Agenda for the initial meeting of the team. A 2-Day Working Session at the Company Headquarters.