Metafiction & Non-Linear Narrative

Metafiction & Non-Linear Narrative

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upload 2 t]stories you need to read in order to write this paper. The stories are from the book Introduction to fiction by John J. Clayton. I will also upload the
instruction for the paper.
Please follow everything step by step. Remember to use quotation and cite everything you use from these stories. quotes need to be less than 20% of the paper and
everything else is based on personal analysis of the paper.
here is the instruction

“Lost in the Funhouse”

“White Dump”

For our final two stories, please continue your analysis of experiment literature — in this case, elements of metafiction in “Lost in the Funhouse” and non-linear
narrative style in “White Dump.” Please write a 250 word analysis for each story (total of 500 words). Since Turnitin only allows one post per assignment, include both
story analyses in one post! In your analysis, consider the following:

Lost in the Funhouse – Consider the experimental form of metafiction: fiction about the process of fictionalizing. What effect does “self-conscious” and “self-
reflective” narration have upon the story? What is the relationship between reality and fiction?

White Dump – Examine the use of time – linear and digressive. How is this story an example of a modernist experiment in time? How does Munro “juggle” and “juxtapose”
images and story elements?