Mexican American History:Hidden Histories: Honoring Notable Early Mexican American Civil Right Activists

Write about an early Mexican American Civil Rights activist. Essay 1 asks students to uncover hidden histories of the region and demonstrate understanding of Mexican American History by writing about largely ignored historical figures and their actions in historical context. In order to recognize the widespread absence of women in our formal histories and to honor Women’s History Month, for this essay, students should select one of the following early Mexican American Civil Rights activists: Jovita Idar (CH 6) or Emma Tenayuca (CH 7) and follow the guidelines below to create 2-4 page essay. Midterm Essay guidelines: Explain who this person is in the context of the time period. Use the assigned book in this class to describe the social landscape during the time in which this historical figure was active. In other words, you should not just write about what this historical figure did. You must describe the social world in which she did it in order to show me you can make connections between individual choices and social structure.