MGMT 313, Fall 2015: Team Project

MGMT 313, Fall 2015: Team Project

This is an opportunity to put all the knowledge and concepts you gained throughout the semester into a practical perspective. You will follow the flow of the course to apply what you learned in class to prepare your own business. Your job as a team is to prepare an report outlining your business from an operations perspective. You can work in groups of up to 4 students total. You should do the appropriate research (e.g. talking to operations managers in companies similar to your proposed business, online resources, etc.). You may choose a goods or services based firm.

Your team will submit a written report (uploading a softcopy onto as well as a hardcopy of the report in class on the assigned due date on syllabus) and deliver a short (10 minute) presentation for the class during the last week of classes. Your report will cover the following topics:

• Strategic direction; including mission, competitive dimensions, order qualifiers, order winners, etc.
• Flow chart for the operations of the company
• Facility location using factor weighting method
• Capacity planning for facilities, equipment, and workforce (including breakeven analysis)
• Distribution
• Quality assurance (including the use of six sigma tools)
• Supplier selection and cooperation
• Inventory management methods selected (e.g. single period, continuous, periodic)

***References: Be sure to include a list of any references you used for the report as well as citing them within the paper itself.

Grade Breakdown:

The breakdown for the grading of the paper will be as follows:

1. Project Design (Based on the project content, depth of analysis, conclusions, and recommendations):
– Executive Summary (0.5 points)
– Strategic direction (1 point)
– Flow chart (1.5 points)
– Facility Location (1 point)
– Capacity Planning (1 point)
– Distribution (1 point)
– Quality Assurance (1.5 points)
– Supplier Selection (1 point)
– Inventory Management (1 point)
– Conclusion (0.5 points)
2. Team Work (Based on peer evaluation, observations from the instructor, and presentations):
– Fulfillment of Responsibilities, team morale, and cohesiveness (2 points)

3. Communications (Project Report and Presentation)
– Project Report (correct grammar, clear flow and style of the paper, etc.) (1 point)
– Presentation (smooth delivery and clear explanation) (2 points)

Good luck!