MGT 150. Project Management

MGT 150. Project Management

Assignment 2
1) The following table shows the allocation of work assignments and resources needed for an investment firm to make a decision on investing in company XYZ.

a) Create Responsibility Matrix
b) Create Resource Gantt Chart
c) Create Resources Loading Chart

2) Building a swimming pool
a) Create a Gantt chart from the work breakdown structure.
b) Create a PERT/CPM network showing the interdependencies of the different activities. How long will the project take? (Note: Don’t forget to take “elapsed time” into account.)
c) Using the information in your Gantt chart, as well as the information on wage rates and cost of materials, put together a budget showing planned total expenditures for the project.
3) Following are cost and schedule data for a project that is underway.
a) Using the cost data in the cost table above, create a cumulative cost curve comparing actual versus planned costs
b) Using the schedule data in the schedule table above, create a Gantt chart comparing actual versus planned schedule performance
c) Summarize in words what you see project status to be at this time. What do you predict regarding the final cost and final schedule for the project?
MGT 150. Project Management
Assignment 3

Following are data reporting progress on a project. Work on all tasks contained in the table is scheduled to be complete as of the day of the report.

Budget Begun? Complete? Actual cost Earned Value
Task A 3,100 Yes Yes 3,100
Task B 4,000 Yes Yes 4,500
Task C 2,500 Yes Yes 2,250
Task D 4,000 Yes No 3,500
Task E 3,500 Yes Yes 4,000
Task F 2,500 No No 0
1) Using the 50-50 Rule, what is earned value for this project?
2) Using the 0-100 Rule, what is earned value for this project?
3) Note the discrepancy of earned value figures when using the 50-50 Rule and 0-100 Rule. Why is there a discrepancy? Which Rule should we use? Explain your rationale.
4) Using the 50-50 Rule earned value computation, what is schedule variance for the project as reported?
5) What is the schedule performance index (SPI)?
6) Using the 50-50 Rule earned value computation, what is the cost variance for the project as reported?
7) What is the cost performance index (CPI)?
8) If the total budget for this project is 50,000, use CPI to compute estimate at complete (EAC).
9) Using the earned value information garnered from the above table, provide your boss a brief status report on project progress to date. Also, provide projections for future status.