MGT – leadership

With Saudi Vision 2030, “Saudi Arabia is moving aggressively to diversify its economy and implement important reforms,” according to Stephen A. Schwarzman, co-founder of the private equity company Blackstone Group (Sorkin, 2017, para. 6).

Identify a business leader in Saudi Arabia and explain which characteristics of leadership that person espouses. Find research that speaks to leadership characteristics and their importance. In what ways will the leadership of your chosen person allow for a more diverse economy in the Kingdom? You should justify your position with research you found regarding leadership characteristics and how they apply to your subject.

For example: Rami Abu Ghazaleh, CEO of AlBaik, is a leader who builds trust with customers and employees (Usman, 2018). Trust is a leadership characteristic which may be supported with research and one example of his building trust is that he did not raise prices for his products when food prices went up. Be specific about the leadership characteristic and find an example of that person exhibiting it.