mHealth applications standards and security, privacy risks

With the rapid evolution of information technology applications into the mobile space, our society has become very dependent on the conveniences offered by the variety of devices. Consumers have come to expect to be able to communicate with healthcare organizations in the same ways that they do with other industries, i.e., they want to be able to schedule a doctor’s office visit online similar to making a reservation at their favorite restaurant online. They also want to be able to view their bill online, much like they view their bank statements online. These expectations will press the healthcare industry to more quickly adopt new mHealth products to meet those patient/consumer demands. Healthcare providers can also see the value in using mobile health applications to change the way they practice medicine and help their patients to become healthier, thus decreasing healthcare costs and improving outcomes. However, there are potentially many security and privacy risks associated with mHealth and mobile applications.
Discuss at least 5 different challenges and present at least three possible options/solutions to address each of the challenges you identify around mHealth application standards and security, privacy risks. Support your options/solutions with at least two references. Abstract should be between 150-250 words and add keywords to abstract. Paper should be