Micro Discussion

Micro Discussion

Discussion Topic:

In August, 2014 there was an Ebola epidemic in Africa. Two Americans doctors contracted the disease while doing mission work. They were transported back to the U.S. and treated at Emory hospital in Atlanta, GA. At the heart of this debate is whether they should have been brought back due to fears of an outbreak in U.S. and also who should get treatment. Research this case, and explain your position on this issue with your classmates. Consider the all viewpoints and information.

Ref.: Cowan, M. K. (2014) (4th Ed.). Microbiology: A Systems Approach, McGraw Hill


Provide insight and raise questions to further the discussion. Simply posting a dull response to students like this will not be accepted: “I agree with what you said. Good post.” You need to try and raise more questions so the discussion goes further and further. Branch off onto different, but related, topics. Bring up issues that may be debatable and get other people’s opinions. Answer your instructor’s questions too!
ALL posts must be 4 or more sentences in length. This is because we want to see what you have to say, and what you can contribute to the discussion. We don’t want to see one sentence questions or responses. Remember to ask yourself when reading and constructing posts: how will this information improve your learning of what you read in the textbook?
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Cite your information, but do NOT include direct quotes. Again, we want to see what YOU have to say. Not what someone else has said and you quote. If you are answering a question or discussing a topic that requires you to look up the information, paraphrase it. Put it into your own words and then CITE YOUR SOURCE at the bottom.
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